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Q. Where are Absco products made?

All Absco Sheds are manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia using high-tensile, chromium free steel.

 Q. How hard is it to put together an Absco Shed?

A: Absco Sheds use the patented SNAPTiTE Assembly System. SNAPTiTE is the world’s fastest assembly system as it uses up to 75% less screws than competitors sheds. With the SNAPTiTE Assembly System & pre drilled holes, Absco Sheds assemble up to 80% faster than competitor sheds. Using our instructional videos on the Absco App and Youtube channel, you should have your shed up in no time.

Q. What is the warranty of Absco Sheds?

A: Absco Sheds come with a 30 year written warranty.

Q. How long does it take to install an Absco Shed?

A: Depending on the level of experience that the installer has an Absco 10ft x 10ft shed will take 1 – 2days. This is an estimate only and should be used as a guideline. Large Structures will take longer.

Q. Are Absco Sheds suited to high wind areas?

A: Most Absco sheds are rated N2 (C1) to withstand winds up to 147km/hr. Cyclone Kits are available for some models that move the products up to N4 (C2) to withstand up to 220km/hr.

Q. The pre-drilled holes do not align?

A: In some cases the pre-drilled holes may not align up on your shed panels. To rectify this, insert the screw at an angle and tighten, twisting the sheets slightly. This will re-align the holes and allow the panels to screw together as instructed. See our tips & tricks video.  

Q. How do I install the gable brace?

A: Firstly, install the gable brace to the wall then install to the ridge beam. Please be aware if there is no hole present – pre-drilling is required for this component. See our instructional videos on our Youtube channel.

Q. Are Absco Sheds completely waterproof?

A: Absco Sheds are designed to be weatherproof for normal conditions. In the event of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and high wind gusts, some water may enter through the sheeting joins of the shed.

Q. What can I store in my Absco Shed?

A: Anything you like! Absco Sheds can be used for storage of garden equipment such as lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, garden tools, or exercise equipment, firewood and more! Storage items that could be affected by high winds or water should be stored with additional protection.

Q. Does my shed come with a floor?

A: No, your shed doesn’t come with a floor. We recommend all sheds be bolted to a concrete slab that is rebated. An alternative to a concrete slab is our timber flooring kit.

Q. Does my shed come with fixtures to bolt to a concrete slab?

A: Most Absco Products don’t come with an Anchorset, though it is an optional accessory which includes bolts and nuts to secure your shed to the concrete slab available in stores.

Q. Do I need to bolt my shed to the ground?

A: Yes, all sheds need to be secured to a concrete slab, timber floor or some solid structure.

Q. How can I make my shed waterproof?

A: Extreme weather conditions make it difficult to keep water from entering the shed through gaps, doorways and entries. The best way to prevent this from happening is to rebate your concrete slab and use rubber seals which can be purchased from your local hardware store. The use of silicon around the base of the shed and in the channel system may increase the chances of water being trapped inside your shed.

Q. What tools will I need to erect my shed?

The majority of the shed will require a Drill/ Drill bits (3mm/4mm) /screw driver/ ladder/ pop rivet gun. Gloves, eye protection, boots and work stools if possible to make construction easier.

Q. Does my shed require council approval?

Most sheds 10ft squared and above, do require council approval. Best to check with your local council before purchasing.

 Q. If I have a missing or damaged part, what do I do?

Contact the Customer Support Centre on 800-305-4436 and we can send out a replacement.

Q. Can I disassemble my shed if I need to move?

Absco sheds can be disassembled. Simply unscrew and slide off all channeling. It can be disassembled back to panel or further to kit form. Then simply re assemble when needed. If you lose your instruction manual we will be happy to email you a copy.

Q. Does Absco Sheds cover installation costs?

As Absco Sheds are the manufacturer, the installation costs are not included in the price of your shed and will need to arranged independently.