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  • 2.26 (m wide)
  • 3.00 (m wide)

Chicken Coops

The Absco Chicken Coops feature an all steel construction which facilitates easy cleaning and is more hygienic for your animals. The wider mesh panels also allow for betting viewing and is a great addition to the aviary. The Absco Chicken Coops can also be utilised as aviaries, dog kennels, catteries, or animal shelters making this product very versatile. All Absco Chicken Coops are available in both Zincalume and Pale Eucalypt and have a Lifetime warranty.

A15081FKFD Chicken Coops
1.52mL x 0.78mW x 1.80mH
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A15151FKFD Chicken Coops
1.52mL x 1.52mW x 1.80mH
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A15301FKFD Chicken Coops
1.52mL x 2.96mW x 1.80mH
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A23151GKFD Chicken Coops
2.26mL x 1.52mW x 2.00mH
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A23231GKFD Chicken Coops
2.26mL x 2.22mW x 2.00mH
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A30231GKFD Chicken Coops
3.00mL x 2.22mW x 2.06mH
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