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How to revive your deck or patio

As the weather warms up, your patio or deck will be getting more attention. You’ll therefore want to give it a little love before all that summer entertaining. Here’s how:


Give it a pressure wash – If you don’t have a pressure hose in your garden shed, then it might be time to invest in one. They’re perfect for blasting away dirt without the need for harsh chemicals, which is good for the planet, your family’s health and surrounding plants. You could also rent one from your local hardware store.


For a deep down clean – Timber decks will need to be cleaned regularly to preserve their appearance. Apply a specialised deck cleaner from a hardware store, then rinse off. If you want to go one step further, you could consider resealing. On previously stained decks, you’ll need to sand back the surface. Then apply an appropriate sealer using a paint brush, pad applicator or roller. If you’re cleaning a patio, a simple water and soap solution should work well. If your patio is tiled, remove weeds manually or by using weed killer or salt.


Clean down umbrellas, outdoor furniture and patio covers – Scrub down dormant umbrellas and furniture with a high pressure or standard garden hose and a water and mild dishwashing detergent solution. For wood furniture, purchase a dedicated cleaning agent. For patio covers, use a hose and long-handled soft bristle brush.


Scrub the BBQ – To restore your patio BBQ to its former glory, take the cooking plates out, scrape off rust and other gunk using a wire brush, wash in mild soapy water and rinse with a water and vinegar solution. Let dry in the sun. Replace plates, turn on the heat and then spray or wipe with canola oil. Once that burns off, reapply. Once the second application has burned off, turn off the BBQ and let cool.


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