Garden Sheds & Outdoor Structures

10 Tips

How to install your shed

Tip #1 – You will need
  • Gloves
  • Impact Driver
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Rivet gun
Tip #2 – Instructions Read through each page of your instructions carefully. Absco also has a free assembly app with step-by-step videos. Download from the App store or get it on Google Play.
Tip #3 – Parts Checklist Check off your parts using your parts checklist in the instruction manual or app. If you are missing any parts, contact Absco before getting started.
Tip #4 – Protecting Panels and Doors Use trestles and timber to keep your product off the ground to avoid any damage. We recommend using cloth or towel for extra protection of the panels.
Tip #5 – Workspace Allow yourself plenty of space for assembling your shed. Use two people when handling the panels, they can be big and awkward, especially when it’s windy.
Tip #6 – Assembling Panels Make sure your sheets are facing the right way up and they are flush top and bottom. Align the holes before you screw them off and make sure the orientation is correct.
Tip #7 – Take a break Once you’ve built all your panels, leave the project overnight in a safe spot overnight and start fresh the next morning.
Tip #8 – Secure your shed When you’re joining your walls together you may get a little bit of movement in the shed. Once you’ve got the roof on and bolted down, the shed will be nice and secure.
Tip #9 – Don’t rush Don’t rush, take your time when you’re building your shed. Use the instructions and the Absco App.
Tip #10 – Enjoy your shed Congratulations, you’ve just completed your Absco shed, enjoy the accomplishment.