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Steel is an essential material in modern society and a critical enabler of sustainable development. At Absco Sheds, integrating sustainable practices throughout our value chain sits at the forefront of our how we develop, manufacture and sell steel products. Sustainability is critical to the long-term prosperity of our community and business, and we are committed to ensuring we continue to drive a sustainable future.

What is Absco doing?

At Absco, our people are developing innovative, practical, and efficient solutions to make effective change and reduce our carbon footprint. Some of our initiatives include:

Learn where you can recycle your old shed for cash.

Steel is the world’s most recycled material – it is 100% recyclable

All scrap metal and cardboard waste is recycled

All lights throughout the factory have been upgraded to LED

Absco’s factory energy is now running off solar and grid

Diesel machinery has been replaced with gas, reducing CO2 emissions

New packaging is water-based ink on fully recyclable boxes

Videos & App reduce paper consumption for instruction manuals, saving 988 trees each year

Our people are our strength – developing innovative, practical and efficient solutions