Garden Sheds & Outdoor Structures

Anchoring your garden shed to a concrete slab is a requirement for Absco’s lifetime warranty. Due to the length of the required anchors, these are unable to securely attach to other bases, without movement, such as pavers. Anchoring your shed to a concrete slab provides extra stability to meet engineering standards and delivers security that it may not have had otherwise. We strongly recommend you decide on your shed size before continuing with your slab, as once poured there is little flexibility in the size.

Should I DIY or hire a professional?

The quality and stability of your shed is quite dependant on the quality of the base beneath it, it needs to be completely level and square else you risk the potential for parts to misalign.

If you are an accomplished DIYer, you may feel comfortable in building the base yourself. Our advice, however, is if you are not a professional concreter, please hire a professional to lay your concrete slab for you, this will save time and money in the process.

Rebated vs Flat Slab

There are two variations of concrete slab that are suitable for your new garden shed: either a flat concrete slab or a rebated concrete slab.

Flat Concrete Slab

A flat concrete slab is a rectangle, slightly wider than your shed size and 10cm in thickness. This is the simplest option, reduces time and is a viable option under Absco’s warranty.

Rebated Concrete Slab

A rebated concrete slab is the same as above, however has a raised smaller tier that sits up into your shed. This does take extra time compared to a flat slab; however, the inset section aims to prevent water from running into your shed by creating a small, raised barrier and keeping the contents dry. For this reason, we recommend that Absco Sheds are anchored to a rebated slab.

Temporary Alternatives

In instances where a slab is unable to be constructed before the need for a new shed arises, popular temporary solutions include:

  • Timber flooring
  • Pavers

Whilst both are viable options, Absco do not recommend the long-term use of these as a base as they are not totally secure and can affect the durability and rigidity of your shed.

Overall, a concrete slab is most durable flooring option for your garden shed and is more cost-effective in the long run. It will also ensure your shed meets Absco’s warranty requirements and is up to wind rating requirements, adding structural stability over other alternatives.