Garden Sheds & Outdoor Structures

About Us

Absco Industries is a wholly owned Australian company manufacturing a large range of steel products including Garden Sheds and Outdoor Buildings.

From it’s manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Absco distributes an extensive range of outdoor storage products throughout Australia, as well as exporting to the Pacific region and Europe. Absco Industries has been a major supplier of outdoor storage products for over 55 years. The good reputation that we have built is now being recognised throughout Australia and rapidly expanding to overseas markets including New Zealand and Europe.


Customer Satisfaction:

The SNAPTiTE assembly system is the easiest assembly system in the world. Our total commitment to reliability of supply, order turnaround times, after sales service, ease of assembly, and a comprehensive product range, makes for a level of customer satisfaction which reflects favourable on all Absco Stockists and hence improves their market share.

Product Development:

Absco has an ongoing program of product development. The main criteria when evaluating any proposed new product are “Marketability”, “Ease of Assembly”, “Production Capacity”, “Order Turnaround” and “Customer Satisfaction”.about-us-info-banner